Youth Toastmasters Club in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Youth Toastmasters Club 

The Village of Heather Hills Meeting Room 

1055 Forest Hills Ave. Grand Rapids MI 49546 

The club was established to allow people who are younger than 18 years old in all Grand Rapids communities to learn public speaking skills and leadership skills in a supportive and positive environment.  The goal is to improve members’ self-confidence, communication, and leadership skills. The benefits of becoming a member of Grand Rapids Youth Toastmasters Club are: 

  1. Learning public speaking skills in a safe supporting environment, no ridicules, just support 
  1. Learning leadership skills from Sergeant at Arms, Secretary, Treasurer, VP of Membership (marketing), VP of Education (operations) to President (people skills) 
  1. Public speaking skills can be certified by Toastmasters International  after giving 10 speeches. 
  1. Leadership skills can be certified by Toastmasters International after completing the leadership book. 
  1. Opportunity to take on club leadership positions via annual election. 
  1. All learning is self-paced, not exams or deadlines. 
  1. The skills and experience learned can put on your high school resume. 

Club Dues: $60 per year in March of each year.  Prorated the first year. Competent Communicator book:$8  Competent Leader Book:$8 

Counselor: Shane Sievers 616-484-3501  email: 

Advisor:     Nancy Tuohy DTM 616-648-0095  email: 

Meeting dates and time 

Every first and third Monday of the month from 6:30pm to7:30pm. 

Location: 1055 Forest Hills Ave. Grand Rapids MI 49546 -Community Room 

Parking: the south lot off Forest Hills Ave past the main entrance entering at Medical Park drive 

Facility Rules: As a guest, you are asked to be courteous and respectful.  When entering and exiting the building, please keep your voice down.  During the meeting time, please stay close to the meeting room and don’t wander to other parts of the building.  Thanks for your cooperation. 

Location Map 

Author: Anna Donahue, DTM

I joined Toastmasters in February, 2016 because I wanted to learn how to feel comfortable speaking in public and talking about my new art business called Since then I have given speeches to large and small groups, recorded webinars for online distribution and held workshops for artists who are interested in learning what I know about the "business of art." Toastmasters has helped me to become comfortable in any environment and to take on leadership positions with success. I had no idea how far Toastmasters would take me and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to learn and grow with the encouragment of fellow professionals. For the Toastmaster year of 2019-2020, I was awarded Toastmaster of the Year after taking on many leadership roles at the district level. 

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