Why Take a Role in a Speech Contest?

Speech Contests are a Chance to build Community.

Speech contests provide a platform for individuals to develop and showcase communication and public speaking skills as well as leadership skills. Leadership Roles and Speaking can be daunting, but through participation, you can learn to overcome fears and express yourself effectively and learn to present your ideas with conviction.

The experience also sparks new ideas, provokes critical thinking, and can ignite a passion for personal and collective improvement. A speech contest offers an opportunity to showcase and spotlight talents of not only the speakers, but the members who develop the event. The speech contest also helps to promote the values, mission and commitment of Toastmasters. Toastmasters has many resources to educate on how to put on a successful Speech contest, as noted in the following link.

Contest Master

A Contest Master plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth execution and success of a speech contest. They are responsible for assisting in coordinating the event, setting the tone, engaging the audience, managing time, ensuring adherence to contest rules, facilitate judge briefings, handling unexpected situations and concluding the event. The Contest Master helps to keep participants and the audience engaged and upholding the integrity of the contest.


Contestant Participation is essential in creating a meaningful and impactful event. Contestants not only inspire and motivate the audience and develop their own skills. They serve as role models who inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and share their voices. Contestants also have the potential to impact the audience through their words and ideas. A powerful speech can leave a lasting impression and prompt individuals to reflect, act, or make positive changes in their lives.

Chief Judge, Judges, and Tie Breaking Judge

The role of Judge is crucial. Judges ensure each participant is assessed fairly and impartially. They help to maintain the integrity of the contest and provide all speakers with an equal opportunity to succeed. The Chief Judge is responsible for appointing, and advising contest officials, pre-contest briefings, and delivering winners names. The judges actually choose the first, second, and third place winners. The tie breaking judge ranks all speakers. This ballot will only be used in the event of a tie. A dedicated and knowledgeable panel of judges can greatly enhance the overall impact and success of the speech contest.

Timer and Ballot Counter

The two timers are responsible for ensuring each participant adheres to specified time limits for their speech. By signaling when the allotted time is coming to an end, the timer helps to maintain consistency and fairness across all speeches. This not only ensures the event runs on schedule but assists the judges to evaluate speeches fairly and consistently. This ensures the audience experiences a well-structured and engaging event.

The Ballot Counters ensure accuracy in the judging and facilitate organization of collecting the judges’ evaluations and scores. They play a key role in maintaining the confidentiality of judges’ evaluations and scores, and ensuring the results are kept secure until officially announced. The ballot counters and timers are important to maintain fairness, discipline, and professionalism of the contest.

Sergeant in Arms

This person assists in managing the venue and maintaining order during the contest. They also assist participants with logistical matters such as providing them information about the contest schedule, directing them to the speaking area, and helping participants to adhere to the contest rules.

Tech Support

Tech Support plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of a speech contest, especially in a Hybrid Contest. Tech Support is responsible for recroding equipment, ensuring the livestream runs smoothly and also allows remote viewers to participate in the event. The Tech Support also is able to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues which may arise with the audiovisual equipment. They also set up and ensure the contestants can deliver their speeches effectively and the audience and hear and see them clearly.

Call to Action

Are you ready to inspire and motivate others while honing your public speaking skills? Participating in a speech contest can be rewarding and transformative experience. Are you ready to inspire positive change and enhance your leadership skills? Embrace this opportunity to share your message and be part of a community dedicated to positive change. Become part of collective impact of growth not only in yourselves, but in the overall growth of all of us in District 62.

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