Membership Building Video by Dist62 Leadership team

 Use Moments of Truth to Build Membership

 By Bruce Frandsen DTM, PID ; Laura St. Louis DTM, DD and Dist62 Leadership team.

S Division TLI – Recording of Nathan Hickman’s Presentation on Quality Evaluations

How to Use Your Club Website, Free ToastHost

Find out how to log in and fill out your personal profile and sign up for meeting roles on your agenda. Free ToastHost (FTH) is assigned to every club and you can find your club website by googling this address:                           your club

Advanced Admin Editing First Steps

Some initial steps to editing your club website and agendas. 

Advanced Admin Editing Second Steps

Training for editing the Free ToastHost club website. This training is for Toastmasters club websites using FTH.

How to Look Like A Rock Star on Zoom