Unleashing the Winning Spirit: District 62 Toastmasters Takes Charge!

We all know the jokes and memes about the Detroit Lions or should we say Li-Downs? But did you know they are currently number one in the league? That’s right! They are working together, throwing the ball with excellence, and preventing the opposing team from scoring. They are now a well-oiled machine.

This is exactly what we see in District 62. Our club growth team, led by the amazing Kim Lynn, is actively following up on new leads and members are starting clubs in their workplaces. We are turning the corner from some tough years and guests are attending our meetings regularly.

Do you feel the energy and excitement in the air? It’s all because of you, the members, and your can-do spirits. We are making things happen and the benefits of Toastmasters are becoming more apparent to our community members.

Let’s keep up the momentum and continue to thrive. We have a winning team here in District 62 and together we can achieve greatness. Thank you for all that you do!

Together, We Succeed!

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Author: Laura St. Louis

I joined Toastmasters in January of 2015 because I wanted to learn to be a leader. I started with one club, then added a second. The members of this club are the people that have been my biggest supporters and encouraged me to take the leap and run for Club Growth Director. I then propelled to District Director in 2020. They don't just provide leadership support. They also provide excellent evaluations. The feedback I receive from them has been invaluable. If you are looking to advance your speaking skills, this is the place.

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