Toastmaster Regions and Districts

What are the geographic boundaries of Toastmasters District 62?

Many Toastmasters ask, “What exactly are the boundaries of District 62, and what other Districts are nearby?” Toastmasters International provides the answers to these questions with its Region and District Maps. An excerpt from this document shows the boundaries of District 62:

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District 62 includes the following:

  • Most of the lower peninsula of Michigan (excepting the southeast corner of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb County, which is in District 28); and,
  • The eastern portion of the upper peninsula of Michigan (the  area in the Eastern Time Zone).

Nearby Districts are grouped into an area called Region 6:

  • District 28, consisting mainly of Detroit, Toledo Ohio, and Windsor Ontario;
  • District 11, which is most of Indiana;
  • District 35, comprising  Wisconsin, Illinois (minus Chicago), Iowa and Missouri, as well as the western U.P.;
  • District 10, consisting of northeastern Ohio;
  • Districts 30 and 103, which together contain most of Chicago, Illinois.

District 62 is adjacent to multiple other Toastmasters Districts. Indeed, sometimes Toastmasters in our District will attend TLI training sessions in other nearby districts. As you can see from the larger maps, Toastmasters has 14 Regions spread across six continents. Regions are further divided into 126 districts. As club membership grows and declines, Toastmasters International headquarters may at times create new districts or merge current districts to maintain a balance.


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