Pathways Webinar: Base Camp Basics and Advanced Base Camp Features

Friday October 15, 2021 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Led by Pathways Manager Lori Haynes, this webinar will cover Base Camp Basics to help you get started in your path. Then you’ll learn some Advanced Base Camp features, to help you interact with and mentor your club members in Pathways.
This is one of a series of Pathways events in October:
10/15/2021, 7-8 pm – Webinar 1 – Base Camp Basics & Advanced Base Camp Features
10/22/2021, 7-8 pm – Webinar 2 – Achieving a DTM & the Pathways Mentor Program
10/23/2021, 10-11 am – Q&A Session – Bring your Pathways questions
10/29/2021, 7-8 pm – Pathways Symposium – Engaging with Pathways
10/31/2021, 3-4 pm – Q&A Session – Bring your Pathways questions
You’ll receive the Zoom link the day before the first event. Reminders will be sent out for all sessions.