Pathways Symposium: Engaging with Pathways

Friday October 29, 2021 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

This session is part of our monthly Lead Where You Are symposiums. Do you find projects in Level 2 boring or confusing? Discover why this level is the most inspiring in Pathways. Are you stuck in your path because you don’t know what to do for upper level projects? Get ideas for those projects and share what you’ve done. This session is led by Area Director Tara McCoy-Jones, past Area Director Jonathan Larsen, past Division Director Nathan Hickman, and Pathways Manager Lori Haynes.
Register for this session, and all of our October Pathoween events here:
10/15/21, 7-8 pm – Webinar 1 – Base Camp Basics & Advanced Base Camp Features
10/22/21, 7-8 pm – Webinar 2 – Achieving a DTM & the Pathways Mentor Program
10/23/21, 10-11 am – Q&A Session – Bring your Pathways questions
10/29/21, 7-8 pm – Pathways Symposium – Engaging with Pathways
10/31/21, 3-4 pm – Q&A Session – Bring your Pathways questions
The Zoom meeting will open 30 min before the session begins. A social activity will start 15 min before the event.