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Wednesday September 22, 2021 7:00 PM EDT

Learn to create a website that will help you market your club, recruit and enroll new members, run online and hybrid meetings, and organize your agenda. District 62 has invited David F. Carr, DTM, to present a workshop on WordPress for Toastmasters and the website hosting service. Use the form below to register.

Besides being based on the world’s most popular web publishing system, the WordPress option gives you:

  • Guest registration on the website, a way to capture leads for your VP of membership to follow up on.
  • An online enrollment process where new members complete a web-based application form, which can also be approved online and is archived on the website as part of club records.
  • Online payment via PayPal or Stripe for new member dues (the option is shown at the end of the application) and renewals.
  • Web-based evaluation forms based on the Pathways PDFs, which can be completed online and archived as part of the member’s records.
  • A suite of web-based tools for conducting contests in an online or hybrid format.
  • A Vote Counter’s tool for conducting routine votes like Best Speaker or Best Evaluator.

As an alternative to Free Toast Host (the default service most clubs use for their website), WordPress gives you more flexibility and more ways to show what makes your club special. The skills you learn setting up and editing the website can also be applied to your other business and nonprofit ventures.

About the Presenter

David F. Carr, DTM, is a writer, editor, and digital consultant. He is the founder of the WordPress for Toastmasters project, the operator of the club website hosting service, and the founding president of Online Presenters, a successful 100% online club. He wrote the Hybrid Harmony guide to hybrid meetings that appeared in the April issue of Toastmasters Magazine.

In addition to offering this workshop, David is working with us on the update of


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