January 30, 2024

  • Texas Trio Training
  • Oops: The Minutes! with Dr. Prahinski
  • Last Chance COT
  • Spotlight on John Cameron
  • Earn a DTM
  • Leaders Wanted
  • Nominations for District Leaders
  • Contest Schedule is out!

D62 Trio at Training in Dallas, Texas

John Cameron, PQD Reports, “The Dallas training session was fantastic! What a better place to have a birthday (January 20th)  than sharing it with a group of Toastmasters! We had the opportunity to exchange ideas with the international board of directors in attendance. We gained valuable insights into the upcoming release of the new Learning Management System (LMS) for this year and celebrated the centennial of Toastmasters. Our team collaborated with other District Trios, brainstorming innovative ideas to improve training and enhance the overall Toastmasters’ experience.”

Oops: The Minutes!

Presenter: Dr. Carol Prahinski, DTM, PID, and Registered Parliamentarian

Did you ever notice the diversity of minutes? What should be included (or not) in the minutes? This one-hour session will explain why the minutes matter and how to create and manage them with efficiency and aplomb. Based on Robert’s Rules of Order, Dr. Carol Prahinski will describe the opening, body, and conclusion of minutes with examples. We will walk through the amendment and approval process and what to do when a secretary must be absent.

“Oops: The Minutes,” will be presented at the Mid-Michigan Unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians on Thursday, Feb. 8 at 5:30 pm on Zoom.All are welcome. 

Last Chance COT is February 29!

Get Credit for Your Club and Make Sure Your Officers are Trained at the Official District 62 COT

Spotlight on John Cameron, PQD

“Toastmasters enthusiast John Cameron takes the spotlight this month, showcasing the transformative power of our community. Joining Toastmasters in 2019, John’s journey actually began during his time in grad school at Yonsei University, where he found the platform after being introduced by his friend in Shinchon in 2013.

John Cameron, PQD Milestone Highlights include International Leadership in Korea and Japan, Local Leadership with Michigan Governor Gretchen Witmer, Scuba Experience and an Outlander Style Wedding.

John’s career is marked by impactful contributions, from receiving accolades for concise policy analysis at the Michigan House of Representatives/Senate to handling international responsibilities at the Korean Olympic Committee during the 2012 Olympic Games. Aside from working in politics and international sports, read more here

To earn a DTM, you are required to:

  1. Complete two learning paths.
  2. Serve as a club officer for two six–month terms or one annual term, participate in the preparation of a Club Success Plan, and participate in a District-sponsored Club Officer Training.
  3. Serve a complete one-year term as a District leader.
  4. Serve successfully as a club mentor or coach.
  5. Serve successfully as a club sponsor or conduct a Speechcraft or Youth Leadership program.
  6. Complete the DTM project. (Members are required to create and implement a project of their own design, in which they demonstrate the skills and expertise they have gained.) Members can receive access to the DTM project on Base Camp once they have completed one path and Levels 1, 2, and 3 in a second, unique path. To receive this project, email educationprogram@toastmasters.org

Please refer to the Distinguished Toastmaster Award Application for a complete list of requirements.

Contact CGD@62toast.com and take part in this leadership opportunity.
  • New Club Launch Meetings (also known as Demonstration Meetings)
  • New Club Sponsors
  • New Club Mentors

Nominations are Open for These 2024-25 Leadership Positions:

  • District Director (DD)
  • Program Quality Director (PQD)
  • Club Growth Director (CGD)
  • C, E, S, and W Division Directors

Nomination details and the nomination form are available HERE

Contest Schedule for D62

1. Club Contests are happening now through the end of February. Post your Club’s Contest on the 62toast.com Calendar. Save the dates below:

2. All Area Virtual Contest: March 9, 2024

3. All Division Virtual Contest: March 30, 2024

4. District Hybrid Contest: April 27, 2024

More information to come soon. Keep an eye on the 62toast.com Calendar.

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