December 19, 2023

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Why Take a Role in a Speech Contest?

by Robin Kaczanowski

Speech Contests are a Chance to build Community

Speech contests provide a platform for individuals to develop and showcase communication and public speaking skills as well as leadership skills. Leadership Roles and Speaking can be daunting, but through participation, you can learn to overcome fears and express yourself effectively and learn to present your ideas with conviction. 

The experience also sparks new ideas, provokes critical thinking, and can ignite a passion for personal and collective improvement. A speech contest offers an opportunity to showcase and spotlight talents of not only the speakers, but the members who develop the event. The speech contest also helps to promote the values, mission and commitment of Toastmasters. Toastmasters has many resources to educate on how to put on a successful Speech contest, as noted in the following…Keep Reading

Social Media Best Practices

Focusing on Facebook

When posting on social media it’s always a good idea to get right to the point. Let the readers know why you are posting and why it matters to them. For Toastmasters, we want to celebrate with your accomplishments and help to promote your club events. Here some positive ways to make sure you are posting relevant information that will interest the readers on social media.

Group Pages

Once you have joined a Group on Facebook, you are allowed to post new content that is of interest to the group. If you are posting on a Facebook Group like our District 62 Facebook Group, be sure to follow the rules set up by the Group Managers. Here’s a list of best practices to follow and help you get the word out on your events and accomplishments:

  • The Group is for communicating with fellow members within our District.
  • Ask, “What is the value of your announcement to the District?”
  • For online clubs, also contact other districts or the Official Toastmasters International Members Group.
  • For Advanced Clubs, our FB District Group is your best audience.
  • Follow the Brand Manual when creating graphic ads.
  • Be sure to like, comment and share posts from others.
  • Post about special events like Open Houses, Contests and Guest Speakers.
  • Give reports after the event with photos.
  • Celebrate big accomplishments like HPLs, Coaching, Mentoring, DTMs.
  • Be careful to space out your posts to keep the interest alive. Don’t over-post.
  • Create a Club FB or Instagram Group if you want more activity in your club.

Read more HERE about Personal Profiles and Facebook Business Pages.

Do you need help managing your club website? Check out these how-to videos on for Free Toasthost websites.

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