August 1, 2023

  • Growing Pains by Laura St. Louis
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by Laura St. Louis, DTM

During the summer when I was 12 years old, I had the worst pain in my legs. They hurt day and night. My mom rubbed my legs in hopes of alleviating the pain, but the pain always came back when she stopped. By the end of the summer, to everyone’s surprise, I grew four inches!

Personal growth can also be painful; however, pain can lead to substantial results. We are able to learn from those times of least success. There is pain in knowing we did not meet goals. But realizing something could have been better is growth. Growth can be painful but can create opportunities for improvement.

Our District 62 had events we could consider “learning moments” over quite a few years. As we endure the pain from admitting we could have done something different and got better outcomes, we can also celebrate our growth and our opportunity to create something better.

Imagine, 15 New Clubs for District 62! What an exciting opportunity! What’s the most important lesson so far? We can’t do it alone: UNITED WE SUCCEED!

Please Join Me in efforts to create more successes for our District 62!
Share your gifts, Gain experience, Build Networks. Contact Laura, John and Kim at, and we will get you plugged in where you are wanting to grow. Need Some ideas?

Event Role Opportunities
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DTM or High-Performance Leadership Opportunities
Sponsors or Mentors for New Clubs

Join the Online COT on August 8 and 10!

Join us online for a two-part Club Officer Training Tuesday, August 8th AND Thursday, August 10th at 7 pm. Click below to register!

Plan a World Champion of Public Speaking Party!

Purchase a Virtual Ticket to the Convention and watch the top speakers in the entire world. Invite your friends and have fun with your club while watching the live event.

Check out the D62 Website HERE.

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