Sept 12, 2023

  • “Great Communicator” Speech
  • Spotlight on D62 Toastmasters
  • Word Press to Grow Your Club
  • Pathways Skills
  • Gavel Club for Teenagers
  • New Events
  • What Does That Abbreviation Mean?

How to Give a Speech Like The “Great Communicator”

It might have been a cold day in southeast rural Illinois, but inside the inelegant student center at Eureka College, on an old wooden stage, tempers flared. Many credited America’s 40th president with learning about public speaking as a broadcaster for the Chicago Cubs, or as an actor on the silver screen. But it was in fact at this small, largely unknown liberal arts institution near Peoria, the very same where Lincoln spoke during his campaign for president, that Ronald Reagan learned the power of oratory.

As a 17-year-old undergraduate student and football player, Reagan was leading a revolt. He and his fellow students had decided their highest priority was to oust the president of the institution, who had…KEEP READING

SPOTLIGHT on District Director Laura St. Louis, DTM

by PRM Julie Gessner

Meet District Director Laura St. Louis, DTM. As District Director, Laura has a wide range of responsibilities which include overseeing and managing our Districts day-to-day operations, finances, and human resources. By dedicating her time and expertise to empowering the Leadership team, Laura creates a positive and nurturing environment where leaders can thrive.

Additionally, Laura’s diverse background with a Masters in Public Administration (MPA), project management, case management, training, public speaking, and event planning make her…KEEP READING.

Word Press for Toastmasters

Find out how your club can modernize and make more effective use of your club website. The district’s own website,, is supported by Toastmost, which includes features for marketing as well as more club-specific functions like managing meeting agendas and signing people up for roles. A good club website should help you market your club, recruit new members, and organize your meetings.

Using Pathways to Develop Your Skills  

Did you know that the Toastmasters learning experience was developed around five core competencies? 

– Public Speaking
– Interpersonal Communication
– Strategic Leadership
– Management
– Confidence

Each core competency refers to the capabilities, knowledge, skills, and resources that constitute defining strengths of a person or organization.  Developing core competencies helps set you and companies apart from peers.  Toastmasters makes developing your core competencies easy using Pathways! 

Take the worry out of your planning by using the Path and Core Competences Resources Document.  Using this helpful guide, you will be able to easily customize and manage your path to becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster!  

Gavel Club for Teenagers

Grand Rapids has a Toastmasters Club for people younger than 18. Find out more about Gavel Clubs by going to our Blog on

See New Events Listed on Our District Calendar. Go HERE to See What’s New!

Let The Trio Know What Toastmasters Can Do For You

Take a minute to answer a few questions about your Toastmasters journey.

Commonly Used Toastmasters Terms 

In the era where the use of abbreviations is common, understanding the context can be confusing. Especially to new Toastmasters. Here are the definitions to just a few the most common:  

DCP = Distinguished Club Program: Recognizes club achievements in education, membership growth, club leadership and communication.
VPE = Vice President of Education: Ensures all meeting roles are filled and club members are achieving their goals.
VPM =Vice President of Membership: This person works with guests to bring them into the club.
VPPR = Vice President of Public Relations: The person responsible for promoting clubs to the outside world.
SAA = Sargent of Arms: The person that takes care of club supplies and meeting set-up.

To help your club become Distinguished be sure to attend the next Club Officer Training event scheduled for November 11th, 2023.

SAVE THE DATE for special guest, Region Advisor Wendy Willamson. Registration details are coming soon! 

Check out the D62 Website HERE.

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