April 18, 2023

  • Get Ready for Kristie Stocker-Discounts Still On!
  • Meet the Candidates on April 20
  • Fred Johnson is Awesome
  • FEATURED Breakout Speakers
  • Plan a District Contest Party!
  • VOTE New Leaders!

Get Ready for D62 United Conference with Keynote Speaker Kristie Stocker!

Awesome April pricing is still on! The District is keeping conference rates at $95 and $50. Sign up and get in on all the perks.

Go to Our D62 Website HERE and scroll down for the Registration options.

FEATURED Conference Breakout Speakers

Choose 2 Breakouts to Attend at the Live Onsite Conference

1. Tara McCoy: Leveraging Club Leadership to Supercharge your Growth

Are you ready to supercharge your leadership potential? In this session, Tara will work with Toastmasters to connect the benefits of leadership at the club level to an individual’s professional and personal goals leading them to growth.

Tara McCoy-Jones, DTM

Take-Aways from Tara’s Session 

  • Develop a personalized action plan focused on becoming a supercharged leader.
  • Connect club leadership roles and activities aligned with professional and personal goals.
  • Target leadership development opportunities available at the club level.

2. Barb Sheren: A Master Class in Building New and Remodeling Established Toastmasters Clubs

Just like building or remodeling a home, it helps to learn from others who have been through the process.  When you join this breakout session you will hear from DTMs, Club sponsors, and Club coaches about the inside scoop on how to be successful.  If you have a DTM in your future this is a “must-see and hear” event.

Barb Sheren

DTMs Owen Connor, Crystal Mosher, and Lisa Waakles will participate in a panel discussion for this breakout session. Barbara Sheren, President of all Area 19 Toastmaster Clubs, TC, MS3, LD2 will moderate the panel.

Take-Aways from Barb’s Session

  • Where to get leads or recognize need for new TM club.
  • Best marketing strategies to use.
  • Essential “bones” for being a coach for a struggling Club

3. Bruce Frandsen: The KPIs of Quality Clubs and Membership Retention

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are often used in the corporate world to gauge a company’s overall performance. In this interactive session, we will explore the Toastmaster’s program KPIs and discover how they directly link to maintaining quality clubs which offer members value and satisfaction. Quality clubs translates to retaining members. Join us to uncover tools you can use to create a magnetic culture in your club.

Bruce Frandsen
Bruce Frandsen, DTM, PID

Bruce Frandsen has been a Toastmasters member for 36 years. He has served in every club officer role at multiple times, every elected District Officer position, and served on the Toastmasters International Board of Directors from 1995–97.

4. Angel Vallejo: Expanding Your Leadership Beyond Your Influence

Professional Speaker Angel Vallejo is presenting one of the Breakout Sessions at this year’s District Conference. D62 United is the theme for our conference as we “move forward together” for success in our personal and professional lives.

Angel Vallejo, DTM

It’s one thing to have a position or a title in your area of leadership; it’s another to be able to expand your leadership beyond your circle of influence. Keep Reading on Our Blog…



Attention District Council Members! 

Are you a District Council Member? If you are on the District Executive Committee (DEC) or hold the officer position in your club as President or VP of Education, you are a VOTING member! Register and plan to attend this meeting on April 27th at 7 pm.  We will be voting for the 2023-24 Trio and Division Director positions in District 62.
Be sure to also sign up for the Candidate Showcase at 6 pm on April 27 so you can hear from the Leadership Candidates before the vote.

Add Your Club Special Events to the Calendar by filling out the Add an Event form under the Calendar tab.

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