November 7, 2023

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Toastmasters! Attend the Club Officer Training (COT)

This is your chance to make your club stand out and land a “distinguished” designation. Each year there are awards given to clubs who have reached their goals for membership renewals and Pathways credits. Your club can be “distinguished” by Toastmasters International!

Attendance of 4 officers from your club are required at the 2 Officer Training events in the Summer and Winter. Attend either online or onsite to get your club’s credit.

Please register if you plan to attend either Online or Onsite. Even though we are a nonprofit enterprise, there is a nominal $7 fee to cover the cost for digital technology fees and expenses for all attendees whether online or onsite.

How to “Talk UP” Toastmasters: Using Corporate Speak

by Laura St. Louis, DTM

On October 18 and 19, Club Growth Director Kim Lynn and I had the opportunity to engage with many different companies, agencies, and schools at the Michigan Society of Human Resource Managers. Kim and I embraced the chance to shift our terminology while hosting the Toastmasters booth.

Past International President Pat Johnson Tells About The Corporate Toastmasters Experience

During our District Council Meeting in September we had the pleasure of hearing Pat Johnson* discuss the transition of our vocabulary from “Club Speak” to “Corporate Speak.” This is more than a linguistic change. It is a cultural shift within the District to emphasize professionalism, relevance, and adaptability.

Examples include:

  • Instead of Club, say Meeting
  • Instead of Club Officers, say Executive Board
  • Instead of Pathways, say Educational Program

Use the following as an example of how to approach your company about opening a program where you work: 

“Is your company looking for a way to develop their employees? The Toastmasters Corporate Program is an effective, affordable, self-paced, educational program. The curriculum offers frequent opportunities to learn and practice a wide range of leadership and communication skills, with ongoing feedback. The educational environment also offers space to learn the development of effective succinct answers to questions. Does this sound like something you would be interested in learning more about?”

The transition to corporate speak presents a unique opportunity for companies to invest in individual memberships for their employees.

It takes practice, but after two days, Kim and I were pretty good at it. Are you willing to take the plunge and switch to Corporate Speak? I think you’ll be surprised at the benefits.

*Hear from Pat Johnson on Youtube

Talking Up Toastmasters; When someone asks you about joining, what do you say?

By Peggy Beach, DTM

Think back to the time when you walked through the door or logged into your first Toastmasters meeting. Did you know what to expect?

If someone asks you about the organization today, what do you tell them? What should a prospective member consider before joining Toastmasters? Whether you’re speaking to a family member, friend, colleague, or stranger on the street, here are some tips and talking points to help them get started in Toastmasters. Keep Reading…

Big Celebration for Twin City Toastmasters!

You’re Invited! placard with colorful background

Help Twin City Toastmasters celebrate 70 years as a club.
This event will be in person on November 14 from 7:00 – 8:30 PM.

Lincoln Township Public Library
2099 W John Beers Rd,  Stevensville, MI  

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