February 13, 2023

  • Save the Date for Conference!
  • Spotlight on Robin Kaczanowski
  • Speechcraft
  • DLC Nominations Wanted
  • Contests on the Calendar

Save the Date for Conference on April 27, 2024 at the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo, MI.

The All Day Spring Conference will feature our International Director, Dawn Frail, DTM and both the District Evaluation and International Speech Contests.

If you’d like to learn more about the Air Zoo, click here Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum | Kalamazoo, MI

If you’d like to help PLAN the Spring Conference, please reach out to Amy Moored (amymoored@gmail.com) or Kyle Walker (klwalker2@hotmail.com). We need help in the following areas: 

  • Sponsorship Chair
  • Education Chair
  • Bookstore Chair
  • Registration Chair
  • Public Relations/Promotions Chair
  • AV/Zoom/Tech Support
  • Sergeant at Arms

Leading a conference committee is a great opportunity for a Pathways Project or a DTM Project. You can have fun, grow your skills and work toward completing your educational goals! 

Watch for Early Bird Registration Coming Soon!

Robin Kaczanowski is a dedicated nurse practitioner with nearly 20 years of experience. Her passion for nursing began over 30 years ago and around 2018 she recognized the importance of enhancing her communication skills and sought out opportunities to develop in this area. Her Father was a Toastmaster in the late 1980’s and listening to his speeches piqued Robin’s interest in the program.  

This led her to her first meeting at Saginaw Harvey Spaulding Toastmasters where she soon became a member on July 1, 2018.  She vividly remembers her first speech, the famous ice breaker.  She had it all typed out, her whole life story, which went everywhere and sideways. She read it verbatim without looking up, shaking the whole time as she spoke.  Then, she was amazed when the evaluation for her speech did not start out with “you don’t belong here”, or “where the heck did you come up with that?” 

Toastmasters provided Robin with confidence and opportunities to learn leadership skills. She has learned more about herself taking on several leadership roles over the last five years and has definitely grown in her work environment as well.

As Division E Director, Robin is grateful for all the learning opportunities which include motivating and engaging members and learning to balance her responsibilities in Toastmasters along with her responsibilities at work and family life.  

An important initiative she is working on is a succession plan to make sure that there is a smooth transition for leadership in toastmasters for next year. One of her favorite memories this year is helping with a Youth Leadership Program with the Dow Treasure Academy.

by District Director Laura St. Louis, DTM

Is your club successfully completing Pathways levels? Will you have five or more goals met, but be short on your member growth? I have got the tool for you!
Speechcraft was designed more than 50 years ago as a way to add members to your club which is why I am recommending Speechcraft as a way to build your membership.

  • Schedule Speechcrafts for March through June.
  • Hold it during your regular meeting time.
  • Charge attendees what a new member would be charged ($20 new member fee, $60 dues, prorated dues, club dues, and whatever you want to charge to recoup your cost of the Speechcraft)
  • Offer a money back guarantee so if the attendee didn’t get what they expected, they get all their money back.
  • Purchase 3 Speechcrafts ($150) for a total of 15 attendees.

The part I forgot to mention is that the coordinator gets credit toward their DTM!

I have been told that approximately 10-11 of the attendees will join your club giving you a much needed boost in membership, excitement, and morale. I know it works since other clubs have used this system and brought in new members.
I encourage you to give this a try. If it works you will have new members and if it doesn’t, you will have learned something new.

District Leadership Committee Chair Stefan Jenssen, DTM is asking for nominations to important elected positions for year 2024-25. The elected positions include the District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, and four Division Directors.

If you haven’t already submitted your self-nomination or nominated a fellow Toastmaster, now is the time to act! The deadline for nominations is March 1st, and we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the chance to contribute their unique skills and vision to our thriving district. To submit a nomination, please complete the District Leader Nominating Form and forward it to the District Leadership Committee: DLC@62toast.com. The nomination form can be accessed HERE.

Read more about the nomination requirements on our Blog.

Check out the D62 Website HERE. And see the Calendar for Contest Events and Details.

Add Your Club Special Events to the Calendar by filling out the Add an Event form under the Calendar tab.

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