January 16, 2024

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Unleash the Champion Within: The Toastmaster’s speech contest 

Speech contests are annual events that push individuals to their limits and challenge them to excel. These friendly speaking competitions are designed to help individuals improve their public speaking and leadership skills in a supportive environment. By participating in the Pathways program, speaking frequently, and learning from skilled evaluators, Toastmasters members equip themselves with the skills and competence needed to tackle challenges. The Pathways program also offers instruction on the essential leadership abilities required to effectively manage a successful competition.

Contest Levels

Each year, thousands of toastmasters compete in the International Speech Contest. There is also involvement in the Humorous, Evaluation, Tall Tales, and Table Topics competitions as set by your district. The competition begins with Club Contests from January to early February. Keep Reading…

Are You Hosting an Open House? 

Open Houses give potential members an opportunity to learn more about your club in a fun and relaxed setting. With the right planning and tools, open houses can be a great marketing strategy.  Open houses highlight the benefits of Toastmasters for potential new members and they also allow current members to grow in new skill sets.  Read more about Open Houses Open Doors to New Members 

Do you have an Open House planned? Be sure to add your event to the D62 Calendar. Once that is complete send the details to PRM@62toast.com to advertise in the newsletter and the D62 Facebook Page.  

What the World Needs Now! Talking Up Toastmasters In Your Community

Communities are the building blocks of society. However, despite the widespread belief in the idea of community, there are signs that society often falls short of realizing the ideal of true community. By effectively communicating the value of Toastmasters, we have a better chance of changing this narrative.

Promote by Encouraging

Toastmasters not only fosters personal growth and career development but also provides a safe space where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together with the shared goal of supporting each other. Encouraging participation in your club is a wonderful endeavor, but it’s important to acknowledge that your club may not be the best fit for everyone due to factors such as time, demographics, and club culture. therefore, it’s crucial to promote the benefits of Toastmasters in other ways.

Share The Excitement

When sharing the exciting activities and events of your club, consider using phrases such as “I had a fantastic time at my club meeting today. You should consider exploring a club membership too!” Don’t forget to include the link https://www.toastmasters.org/find-a-club.

Another approach could be, “Toastmasters is a fantastic place to connect with others while learning and growing. Let me help you find a club too.” Using these words can significantly contribute to the growth of your community. By doing so we are not only helping each other but also demonstrating to the world collaboration, encouragement, and working together are essential elements for an ideal community.

Check out the Talking Up Toastmasters article for more great tips.  

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