April 11, 2023

  • How Big is Your Ocean? This Week with Dawn Frail!
  • Angel Vallejo Presents Breakout Session at D62 United Conference
  • Awesome April Rates for Conference Still On!
  • Kristie Stocker’s Keynotes Inspire and Motivate
  • Purchase Ads and Sponsorships
  • Get Ready to VOTE

Expanding Your Leadership Beyond Your Influence

Professional Speaker Angel Vallejo is presenting one of the Breakout Sessions at this year’s District Conference. D62 United is the theme for our conference as we “move forward together” for success in our personal and professional lives.

It’s one thing to have a position or a title in your area of leadership; it’s another to be able to expand your leadership beyond your circle of influence. 

The ability to share and influence others is a valuable skill that can be applied in various aspects of business & Life. Whether you’re a business professional trying to persuade your colleagues to adopt a new strategy, a community leader advocating for a cause, or simply a friend trying to convince someone to try a new restaurant, the power of your leadership can make a significant difference in the outcome of any situation.

Leadership is admirable! Influence is essential. This session will educate and inspire. It will bring awareness and shine light to what’s missing and what’s available moving forward. 

TAKE-AWAYS from Angel’s Presentation

  • The 5 keys to maximizing your membership 
  • The 4 mistakes most make
  • The possibilities available 

Join us in gaining practical knowledge and skills that can be applied both within and outside of our Toastmasters community. Register now and secure your spot as space is limited!

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She’s Back!!

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Attention District Council Members! 

Are you a District Council Member? If you are on the District Executive Committee (DEC) or hold the officer position in your club as President or VP of Education, you are a VOTING member! Register and plan to attend this meeting on April 27th at 7 pm.  We will be voting for the 2023-24 Trio and Division Director positions in District 62.
Be sure to also sign up for the Candidate Showcase at 6 pm on April 27 so you can hear from the Leadership Candidates that you will be voting for.

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