August 15, 2023

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President Kennedy Inspires A Generation

by District Director Laura St. Louis, DTM

On September 12, 1962, at Rice Stadium in Houston Texas, President John F. Kennedy delivered his historic “We choose to go to the Moon” speech. He highlighted significant advancements of civilization, such as the transition from living in caves to building homes, the invention of the first automobile, the printing press, the steam engine, electric lights, telephones, airplanes and nuclear power. President Kennedy acknowledged each of these inventions had transformed society and brought tremendous change.

President Kennedy emphasized the need for the United States to embrace the challenges of the future and strive for even greater achievements. The Moon mission was an opportunity to inspire and unite the American People.

Why the Moon?

Setting a bold and audacious goal aimed to rally public supported and generated a sense of national pride and purpose. President Kennedys’s statement “We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard,” reflects his belief that pursuing difficult challenges pushes humanity to reach new heights and achieve greatness. By undertaking an ambitious mission like the Moon landing, he sought to harness the collective determination, creativity, and ingenuity of the American people to overcome obstacles and achieve extraordinary feats.

Inspiring Commitment

Our biggest District goal for 2023-2024 year is one new club per area, or 15 new clubs! This goal at times feels as bold and audacious as shooting for the moon. However, we have already taken off! As of July 1st, we chartered our first of the 15 clubs. We are ready for more!

Remember, United we Succeed! If you know of a company you think may be interested, please send the contact information to the and we will take it from there! Think of the people we can reach; people who are looking for the same benefits you have received from this program. Let’s Shoot for The Moon!

Last Chance COT in District 62

This is an onsite Club Officer Training in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area. Take advantage of this event to network with your colleagues and enjoy the time to learn and grow! Get your club’s credit for officer training this year!

How to Leverage Toastmasters to Further Your Career

Use Your Leadership Opportunities to Climb the Corporate Ladder
by Stefan Jenssen, DTM

As someone who started out as a new insurance professional and five years later leads a team of nine, I can tell you that Toastmasters can be a valuable tool in your journey to becoming a manager. So many entry-level management jobs request five years of experience, which can be discouraging. However, to secure my first management role, I climbed the leadership ladder in Toastmasters to gain hands-on experience.
One of the best things I did was take advantage of the additional education…
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Build the career you want with the help of Toastmasters’ Leadership Opportunities

Find Your Path!

Teamwork. Leadership concept, business team climbing on economic graph. Successful work

PATHWAYS is an interactive and flexible education program. Toastmasters created this program to help you strengthen your communication and leadership skills as you grow toward personal and professional success—all while having fun with others in the process! Based around 5 core competencies, Pathways has created 11 Paths that will help you improve your skills in each area.  

But choosing which path works best for you can be difficult, resulting in anxiety or worse yet, giving up.  Take the worry out of your planning by using the Path and Core Competences Resources Document.  Using this helpful guide, you will be able to easily customize and manage your path to becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster! 

What’s an Acronym?

Wow, Toastmasters uses a lot of them! In the era where the use of abbreviations is common, understanding the context can be confusing, especially to new Toastmasters. Here are the definitions to just a few the most common acronyms: 

TI = Toastmasters International: World Headquarters (WHQ)
is a worldwide organization. As a member of Toastmasters, you have a profile on the TI website,
DEC = District Executive Committee: This is the group of
leaders who make decisions on behalf of our District in
COT = Club Officer Training: All club officers are required to
attend these trainings. This is where they learn how to fulfill their roles in the club and get credit for their club.

Which abbreviation have you been wondering about? Email Watch our next newsletter for new acronyms.

Check out the D62 Website HERE.

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