August 31, 2022
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Member Spotlight: Meet Tara Tucker

Toastmaster Tara Tucker

Tara Tucker first discovered Toastmasters when she was invited to attend a club Open House by a friend. “It was different,” she said. “I felt safe, and encouraged. I knew I could grow here.”  Soon after, she joined Club 2714 Secondary to None, and started with the Coaching curriculum in Pathways. “I really enjoy getting evaluations. These are critical for my growth.”

Tara also looks forward to Table Topics. “The ability to do impromptu speaking is important for coaching and mentoring others.” This helps in her work as an author and coach as she inspires others to, “speak up and share their stories to heal, deliver and transform the lives of others.”

Tara was hooked on communicating at an early age. “I’ve always enjoyed writing, and my first publication was at the age of 13. However, I never aspired to be an author. Writing was a way to release my inner thoughts and feelings, so I didn’t bottle them up.”

When asked for her thoughts on the future of Toastmasters, Tara noted that,

“… the skills that Toastmasters teaches are necessary, especially for younger people. The program needs to be as inclusive as possible, since you have to know how to talk, either virtually or in-person. Try it out! See what we all have in common.”

Tara Tucker is a Best-Selling Author, Coach, Minister, Podcast Host, and CEO of Tucker Publishing House, LLC. She is also a youth mentor with The IMAGINE Mentoring Program of Michigan. She is strong in her faith, and through her transparency in authentically sharing her story, she empowers women and youth to unmask, speak up and share their stories to heal, deliver and transform the lives of others. Visit her web site at


7 Best Practice Tips for LinkedIn

What is the perfect LinkedIn profile? It’s one that gets you noticed for all the right reasons and helps you achieve your goals. A great profile page on LinkedIn is a valuable asset for expanding your reach, establishing new contacts, or getting job offers. Are you ready to make the most of your LinkedIn profile? 

1. Upload a new profile picture 

Your picture should look like you and be recent. Smile and make sure your photo has good lighting without shadows. Crop you photo for a close up head shot.

2. Create a great headline

Be descriptive and include key words that are descriptive. This short phrase can give detail about your current role or what you have accomplished. Your headline will help boost your profile impact. 

3. No buzzwords

Buzzwords and jargon are overused and tiresome because they don’t show insight into your true persona. Be clear and specific about your accomplishments.

4. Tell your story

Take advantage of your LinkedIn summary to share more than a list of titles and jobs. Give more information about who you are and what led you to your current job. Don’t forget to tell what your aspirations are for your next project or job. 

5. Highlight Your Skills

It’s easy to fill out your skill list by selecting skills that match your experience and expertise. Don’t go overboard and choose too many but make sure the skills you choose are relevant. 

6. Request recommendations

Recommendations will take your profile to the next level. Request references from colleagues and contacts. Personalized testimonials about time spent working together, projects completed or skills developed will give you credibility.

7. Update and keep current

Check up on your LinkedIn page often to make sure your information is current and relevant to your goals. Post your achievements and follow up when others comment or send you messages.

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