September 26, 2023

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The Journey to Health: Choices, Perseverance, and Sacrifice

by Laura St. Louis, DTM

Embarking on a health program is a commitment that requires dedication, determination, and a clear vision of one’s goals. This year, in January I began my own health journey with a comprehensive plan which includes six meals a day, consuming 64 plus ounces of water daily, and the support of a coach. With a specific goal in mind and a well-structured plan in place, I set out to achieve my objective before the end of September. While the road has not been easy, the lessons learned include the importance of making certain choices, developing perseverance, and making sacrifices to reach the finish line.

Undoubtedly, the path to achieving our goals is often…Keep Reading

Replay: Workshop @ District 62, Plus a Bonus Lesson

by David Carr

Thanks to District 62 for allowing me to present a workshop on the club website hosting service and the underlying software. This was a quick tour through the advantages of WordPress, how to work with the WordPress editor, and how to create and modify your agenda using my extensions for Toastmasters. I’ve been invited back to present a more advanced website and agenda administration session on October 25. You can REGISTER HERE.

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