Preparing  a Speech?  Use This Speech Template

Sometimes the most difficult part of a speech is the preparation. What will you say, and how will you say it?  Who is the audience, and how will you connect with them?  Luckily, a simple template can help you construct your speech in a way that helps your audience relate to your topic.

Begin at the Beginning

Consider the purpose of your speech. Toastmasters learn this idea during their first level projects in Pathways. Speeches can be informative, entertaining, persuasive or inspirational. Try to stick to a single purpose. Speeches that are a combination of two or more purposes are more difficult to prepare as well as perform. Consider your audience, and what they may know about your topic. Consider how you intend them to benefit from your speech.

A Simple Outline

With the above things in mind, consider the following simple outline:

  • By the end of my speech on [Speech Title];
  • The audience will appreciate or value [short list of topics] ;
  • And will take the following actions [short list of actions].

This outline or template helps you focus on the “Why” of your speech. As you create your introduction, main points and conclusion you can apply the template to ensure that the audience hears and receives your message multiple times. Here is an example.

Template: “By the end of my speech on Microwave Mug Meals, the audience will appreciate the ease of creating simple meals using a coffee mug, a microwave and a few simple ingredients. They will come away with recipes for creating simple meals that they can pass along to children, teens and even college students.”

Introduction: “Microwave Mug Meals are something I discovered online. They are a great way to introduce children to simple cooking, and can provide nutritious meals that are speedily produced.”

Main Points: 

  1. Relate a story about a teen who didn’t have a lot of time but still wanted to make their own meals.
  2. Describe some recipes you have tried, including stories about successes and failures!
  3. Note that even pizza, brownies and thanksgiving meals can be created in this way.
  4. List references for recipes and more information.

Conclusion: “Microwave Mug Meals are a fast and simple way to introduce children and young adults to nutritious foods. Try some of these yourself!”

While the subject of this speech is intentionally humorous, the purpose of the speech is to inform the audience. Use the Template to remind yourself of the main ingredients of your introduction, speech body and conclusion.

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Author: Lock Lyon

Lock Lyon has been a Toastmaster for over 10 years, and is a prolific author and blogger specializing in information technology issues. In 2021, Lock was designated an Information Champion by IBM Corporation. He currently spends his time writing and speaking from his home in central Michigan.

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