MEDC Grant Manager Credits Toastmasters With Success of MicroLoan Program

In September 2020, Michigan Economic Development Corporation Grant Manager LeTasha Peebles joined the Secondary To None Toastmasters club. Her goal was simple: “I had severe anxiety when it came to public speaking and simply just wanted to drum up the courage to do it.”

Little did she know Toastmasters and Pathways would far surpass her expectations. 

As LeTasha began to work the Pathways program, she learned the importance of how to arrange her speech and engage her audience. With the feedback she obtained from her club and the Pathways lessons, she started feeling more comfortable. More speaking opportunities opened for her professionally.

In early 2021, after years of hard work, LeTasha and team implemented a grant program in Michigan that impacted hundreds of small businesses.

“I was so grateful,” explains LeTasha, “for the opportunity given to share more about the new microloan program my colleague and I created. This was such a proud moment in my career, and I could not be happier about the program outcomes. Had it not been for my time with Toastmasters, my confidence to go forward and share more on the program would not exist. I now look forward to speaking and engaging with others and owe such gratitude to my club who supported me from day one.”

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