Leveraging Club Leadership to Supercharge your Growth

Are you ready to supercharge your leadership potential? In this Breakout Session at the D62 United Conference, Tara McCoy-Jones will work with Toastmasters to connect the benefits of leadership at the club level to an individual’s professional and personal goals leading them to growth.

Tara McCoy-Jones, DTM

Take-Aways from Tara’s Interactive session 

  • Develop a personalized action plan focused on becoming a supercharged leader.
    • Establish one SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) club leadership goal.
    • Establish one SMART personal goal.
  • Connect club leadership roles and activities aligned with professional and personal goals.
    • Identify knowledge and skills needed to achieve goals.
  • Target leadership development opportunities available at the club level.

Tara joined Toastmasters to improve her communication skills. As a result of the club leadership roles she assumed and her participation in the club experience and Pathways program, her leadership acumen  sharpened. Tara remains in the organization because she has fun while interacting with diverse groups of people. She is  the Vice President of Education for two clubs, Technology Master for an Advanced club, and the S Division Director. Tara is the Lead Instructional Designer and an Assistant Professor of Education at a University. She enjoys spending time with her husband of 20 years, exercising, reading, and watching documentaries, historical and science fiction films. 

Author: Anna Donahue, DTM

I joined Toastmasters in February, 2016 because I wanted to learn how to feel comfortable speaking in public and talking about my new art business called ArtistEntrepreneurs.org. Since then I have given speeches to large and small groups, recorded webinars for online distribution and held workshops for artists who are interested in learning what I know about the "business of art." Toastmasters has helped me to become comfortable in any environment and to take on leadership positions with success. I had no idea how far Toastmasters would take me and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to learn and grow with the encouragment of fellow professionals. For the Toastmaster year of 2019-2020, I was awarded Toastmaster of the Year after taking on many leadership roles at the district level. 

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