Awesome April Event: How Big is Your Ocean? 

by Anna Donahue

Dawn Frail is a long time Toastmaster with experience on many levels including her current role as International Director on the Toastmasters International Board of Directors. 

Register to hear Dawn Frail on April 13. Go to the Website Calendar and Click on April 13 to Register:

Whether starting new clubs or inspiring others to take the next step on their journey, Dawn continues to be inspired by the passion and potential unleashed in others.

Dawn’s experiences in Toastmasters lead her to a full-time career as a speaker, trainer and consultant. She is currently the President of Athena Executive Education, a boutique consulting firm that specializes in strategic leadership development for senior leaders and executives. With over 25 years’ experience she has helped leaders in both Canada and the USA develop their leadership potential and unleash the talents of their teams.

Dawn is the creator of The 10 Commandments of Ethical Leadership, and author of The Ruby Report; How Organizations Can Profit By Promoting Women Leaders. Dawn’s other written works include Leadership Guru’s Speak Out, 10 Principles Every CEO Must Know to Play and Win, Powerful Presentations, and Powerful Presentations for Women.

Dawn’s Keynote is titled How Big is Your Ocean? 
Our growth and progress depend upon our environment and
surroundings. In this session, explore how the Toastmasters
environment contributes to the successful growth of communicators and
leaders. Whether you are still growing inside your club or you seek more
adventures beyond these shores, be ready to be inspired to dive into
endless opportunities.

Author: Anna Donahue, DTM

I joined Toastmasters in February, 2016 because I wanted to learn how to feel comfortable speaking in public and talking about my new art business called Since then I have given speeches to large and small groups, recorded webinars for online distribution and held workshops for artists who are interested in learning what I know about the "business of art." Toastmasters has helped me to become comfortable in any environment and to take on leadership positions with success. I had no idea how far Toastmasters would take me and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to learn and grow with the encouragment of fellow professionals. For the Toastmaster year of 2019-2020, I was awarded Toastmaster of the Year after taking on many leadership roles at the district level. 

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