DISTINGUISHED Clubs Recognition

Conference Event — Distinguished Clubs Recognition

During the District Conference each year we recognize clubs that have reached distinguished status. This is a significant achievement, as it means these clubs have been active in educating their officers, administering their clubs and promoting member progress through Pathways.

How Does a Club Become Distinguished

Each club executive committee — which includes all seven officers and the immediate past president — develops a Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan  based on the needs and goals of club members.  The goals of these programs are based on Distinguished clubs. Each clubs’ success is critical to the success of areas, divisions and districts.

How does the Program Work?

The Distinguished Club Program is an annual program, running from July 1 through June 30 that recognizes club achievements in education, membership growth, club leadership and club communication.  The program consists of 10 goals for your club to obtain, using the Club Success Plan as your guide.

At year-end, the number of goals the club achieved is calculated. Based on the goals met and whether or not the qualifying requirement has been met, the club may be recognized as a Distinguished, Select Distinguished or President’s Distinguished Club.

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To be eligible for recognition, a club must be in good standing and must meet the qualifying requirement of having either 20 members or a net growth of at least five new members as of June 30.

What are the Distinguished Club Program goals?

There are ten goals that serve as targets to help each club become a quality, sustainable club.


1. Four Level 1 awards achieved

2. Two Level 2 awards achieved

3. Two more Level 2 awards achieved

4. Two Level 3 awards achieved

5. One Level 4, Level 5, or DTM award achieved

6. One more Level 4, Level 5, or DTM award achieved


7. Four new, dual, or reinstating members

8. Four more new, dual, or reinstating members


9. A minimum of four club officer roles trained during each of the two training periods


10. On-time payment of membership dues accompanied by the names of eight members (at least three of whom must be renewing members) for one period and on-time submission of one club officer list

What are the Recognition Levels?

Distinguished Club: Achieve five of 10 goals

Select Distinguished Club: Achieve seven of 10 goals

President’s Distinguished Club: Achieve nine of 10 goals


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