Toastmasters International Documents

District Leadership Handbook

 A guide for Area Directors, Division Directors, Club Growth Directors, Program Quality Directors, District Directors, and all other District Executive Committee (DEC) members. DISTRICT LEADERSHIP HANDBOOK

Serving Clubs Through Visits

 A guide for Area Directors for conducting area club visits. AREA DIRECTORS GUIDE

District Recognition Program

 The Distinguished Club, Distinguished Area, Distinguished Division, and Distinguished District program definitions. DISTRICT RECOGNITION PROGRAM

Club Leadership Handbook

An easy-to-use guide with chapters detailing club governance, leadership roles, etc. CLUB LEADERSHIP HANDBOOK


Create Form Fillable PDF

PDFEscape.com is a website that allows you to upload a PDF, add form-fill fields, and the save it back to a new PDF. You may then distribute that PDF to allow people to easily fill in the form, save it, and email it back. FORM FILLABLE PDF

Edit Existing PDFs

Libra Office is a free multi-platform office suite that among other things allows you to open an existing PDF, edit the existing text, and save it as a new PDF file. Having access to the original non-PDF document is best, but when the original isn’t available, this software can save the day. EDIT EXISTING PDFS

Merge PDF Files

PDFMerge.com is a website that allows you to concatentate multiple PDF files together into a single file. This is especially useful when creating packets of printed material for club officer training. You can combine all documents together, inserting a blank page document where needed, to create a single double sided print job. MERGE PDF FILES

Edit Layered/Transparent Images

 GIMP is a free multi-platform advanced image editor. Among many other features, it allows you to create layered images. Used for creation of trio business cards. Uses the XCF file extension natively, but imports/exports many different image file types. EDIT LAYERED/TRANSPARENT IMAGES


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