Toastmasters International Documents

District Leadership Handbook

 A guide for Area Directors, Division Directors, Club Growth Directors, Program Quality Directors, District Directors, and all other District Executive Committee (DEC) members. 

Serving Clubs Through Visits

 A guide for Area Directors for conducting area club visits. 

District Recognition Program

 The Distinguished Club, Distinguished Area, Distinguished Division, and Distinguished District program definitions. 

Club Leadership Handbook

An easy-to-use guide with chapters detailing club governance, leadership roles, etc. 


Create Form Fillable PDF is a website that allows you to upload a PDF, add form-fill fields, and the save it back to a new PDF. You may then distribute that PDF to allow people to easily fill in the form, save it, and email it back. 

Edit Existing PDFs

Libra Office is a free multi-platform office suite that among other things allows you to open an existing PDF, edit the existing text, and save it as a new PDF file. Having access to the original non-PDF document is best, but when the original isn't available, this software can save the day. 

Merge PDF Files is a website that allows you to concatentate multiple PDF files together into a single file. This is especially useful when creating packets of printed material for club officer training. You can combine all documents together, inserting a blank page document where needed, to create a single double sided print job. 

Edit Layered/Transparent Images

 GIMP is a free multi-platform advanced image editor. Among many other features, it allows you to create layered images. Used for creation of trio business cards. Uses the XCF file extension natively, but imports/exports many different image file types.