Club Resources

Club Officer Handbook

Required reading for every club officer. This handbook is divided into sections for each officer position. Be certain to review the section for your office, and ideally skim through the sections for the other officers. That will help produce a more cohesive team.

District Business Meeting Proxy

If you, as a Club President or Club Vice President of Education will not be attending the district business meeting during the fall or spring conference, assign this proxy to a fellow club member. Fill in District 62 as the district, and the date of the business meeting (during the conference) in the upper right corner. The proxy holder must present the proxy to the credentials desk prior to it closing, which will be at least one hour prior to the business meeting.

Feature and Benefits Chart

A 1 page chart listing the aspects of toastmasters and relating them to the benefits and subsequent value to the individual and to their organization.

Toastmasters Resource Library

Downloadable flyers and other templates for Open Houses, Contests, Speechcraft events, and others.

Club Member Rights (docx)


Membership Application (pdf)


Instructions on how to add a website to Google Search Engine-SEO (pdf)