Toastmasters Need to “RESET”

As part of Awesome April, on Thursday evening April 21st Dr. Fred L. Johnson III gave an inspiring presentation to District 62. With the theme, “It’s Time for a RESET”, Dr. Johnson recounted how the Covid-19 global pandemic caused people and organization to re-imagine concepts like family, friendship, work and public speaking.

Rising to the Challenge

Fred noted that many Toastmasters rose to the challenge. Clubs inspired audiences through creative uses of technology. Speakers learned techniques for delivering powerful messages through the camera. Many created video content through discovery of talents that might have gone unnoticed.

There were many lessons learned during the pandemic; however, Dr. Johnson noted that some of the “magic” that made Toastmasters gatherings so special was diminished or disappeared.


As part of his proposed RESET, Dr. Johnson noted that we as Toastmasters need to pay attention to four things:

1. We need each other; relationally, socially, spiritually

2. We need to actively listen; “Not just listen so we can reply, but listen so we can understand”

3. We need to meet in-person, to acquire and retain social connection

4. We need to build bridges so that more can understand, contribute and participate

For example, “What if we actually invested time, energy and resources in failed clubs,” he suggested. “If you hang around folks that are going someplace, you will either go with them or get there faster on your own.”


Fred noted several inspiring stories in his presentation, including the following:

Diana Nyad and her swim from Cuba to Key West

Elie Weisel’s “Night” Memoir

Dananjaya Hettiarachi – World Champion of Public Speaking 2014

Finally, to assist Toastmasters with “upping their on-line game”, Dr. Johnson recommended reviewing and upgrading our Zoom backgrounds. He cited the book, “How to Zoom Your Room” as well as the Room Rater blog.

Visit Dr. Fred Johnson’s web site for more information.

The KPIs of Quality Clubs and Membership Retention

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are often used in the corporate gauge a company’s overall performance. In this interactive session at the D62 United Conference 2023, we will explore the Toastmaster’s program KPIs and discover how they directly link to maintaining quality clubs which offer members value and satisfaction. Quality clubs translates to retaining members. Join us to uncover tools you can use to create a magnetic culture in your club.

Bruce Frandsen

Bruce Frandsen, DTM PID

Bruce has been a Toastmasters member for 36 years. He has served in every club officer role at multiple times, every elected District Officer position, and served on the Toastmasters International Board of Directors from 1995–97.

An engineer by education, his career outside of Toastmasters includes several progressive leadership and management roles where he has worked. He has also served on various community and city government boards.

Born and raised in South Dakota, he has lived in Michigan for 39 years. He is married to Tammie and they have 2 grown children. He enjoys college football in general and is a diehard Western Michigan University fan.

A Master Class in Building New and Remodeling Established Toastmasters Clubs

Just like building or remodeling a home, it helps to learn from others who have been through the process.  When you join this breakout session at the D62 United Conference on April 29, 2023 you will hear from DTMs, Club sponsors, and Club coaches about the inside scoop on how to be successful.  If you have a DTM in your future this is a “must-see and hear” event.

Barb Sheren, TC, MS3, LD2

DTMs Owen Connor, Crystal Mosher, and Lisa Waakles will participate in a panel discussion for this breakout session. Barbara Sheren, President of all Area 19 Toastmaster Clubs, TC, MS3, LD2 will moderate the panel.

Take-Aways from Barb’s Session

  • Where to get leads or recognize need for new TM club.
  • Best marketing strategies to use.
  • Essential “bones” for being a coach for a struggling Club

Leveraging Club Leadership to Supercharge your Growth

Are you ready to supercharge your leadership potential? In this Breakout Session at the D62 United Conference, Tara McCoy-Jones will work with Toastmasters to connect the benefits of leadership at the club level to an individual’s professional and personal goals leading them to growth.

Tara McCoy-Jones, DTM

Take-Aways from Tara’s Interactive session 

  • Develop a personalized action plan focused on becoming a supercharged leader.
    • Establish one SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) club leadership goal.
    • Establish one SMART personal goal.
  • Connect club leadership roles and activities aligned with professional and personal goals.
    • Identify knowledge and skills needed to achieve goals.
  • Target leadership development opportunities available at the club level.

Tara joined Toastmasters to improve her communication skills. As a result of the club leadership roles she assumed and her participation in the club experience and Pathways program, her leadership acumen  sharpened. Tara remains in the organization because she has fun while interacting with diverse groups of people. She is  the Vice President of Education for two clubs, Technology Master for an Advanced club, and the S Division Director. Tara is the Lead Instructional Designer and an Assistant Professor of Education at a University. She enjoys spending time with her husband of 20 years, exercising, reading, and watching documentaries, historical and science fiction films. 

Expanding Your Leadership Beyond Your Influence

Professional Speaker Angel Vallejo is presenting one of the Breakout Sessions at this year’s District Conference. D62 United is the theme for our conference as we “move forward together” for success in our personal and professional lives.

It’s one thing to have a position or a title in your area of leadership; it’s another to be able to expand your leadership beyond your circle of influence.

The ability to share and influence others is a valuable skill that can be applied in various aspects of business & Life. Whether you’re a business professional trying to persuade your colleagues to adopt a new strategy, a community leader advocating for a cause, or simply a friend trying to convince someone to try a new restaurant, the power of your leadership can make a significant difference in the outcome of any situation.

Leadership is admirable! Influence is essential. This session will educate and inspire. It will bring awareness and shine light to what’s missing and what’s available moving forward. 

TAKE-AWAYS from Angel’s Presentation

  • The 5 keys to maximizing your membership 
  • The 4 mistakes most make
  • The possibilities available 

Join us in gaining practical knowledge and skills that can be applied both within and outside of our Toastmasters community. Register now and secure your spot as space is limited!

More About Angel Vallejo

Angel Vallejo grew up in San Diego, California.  He served in the US Air Force, where he traveled abroad becoming a world-class citizen.  After the Military, he began his sales career in Real Estate and decided to further his education. He earned both his Masters and Bachelors Degree in Organizational Leadership.  Currently, Angel is an Author, Speaker, Leadership Coach and Real Estate Entrepreneur, activating growth & transformation in people’s lives & businesses. He is an Amazon Best Selling Author with his book “The Leadership Mindset”. He is passionate about developing leaders through seminars, workshops, & 1on1 coaching sessions. Angel is excited and honored to have the opportunity to serve you and the D62 community today.

Toastmasters Need to “RESET”

Dr. Fred L. Johnson III is an award-winning public speaker. He delivers inspirational and educational talks to audiences of all backgrounds and sizes. His topics focus on military history, leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion. As he notes on his website, “Across functional fields, one thing is certain: success is determined by leadership.” He became a Toastmaster, and advanced to the semifinals of the  Toastmasters World Series of Public Speaking eight times. In both 2017 and 2018 he took second place.

Awards and Honors

While teaching at hope College in Michigan, Dr. Fred L. Johnson III earned various awards, including Ruth and John Reed Faculty Achievement Award (2013). In November 2019, the Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) awarded Dr. Johnson with the Medal of Honor. This is the most prestigious award that the DAR presents.

The Hope College campus news noted that the DAR Medal of Honor “is given to an adult man or woman who is a United States citizen by birth and has shown extraordinary qualities of leadership, trustworthiness, service, and patriotism. The recipient must have made unusual and lasting contributions to our American Heritage by giving of himself or herself to his or her community, state, country, and fellowman.”

Toastmasters During COVID

For the past several years, Toastmasters across the world have been recovering from the challenge of COVID-19. Clubs inspired audiences through creative uses of technology. Speakers learned techniques for delivering powerful messages through a camera. Many people created video content through discovery of talents which might have gone unnoticed.

Attend His Presentation on April 20th

Dr. Johnson feels that some of the “magic” that made Toastmasters’ gatherings so special has diminished or disappeared. It’s time for a RESET.

Join Dr.Johnson as he discusses the benefits of combining lessons learned during the pandemic with the fundamentals of Toastmasters organic strengths and leveraging them to sustain the “magic” that has been so essential in making Toastmasters a premier organization for public speaking and leadership development excellence in the 21st Century.

Awesome April Free Events with Notable Guest Speakers

by Lock Lyon

Do you feel like you can’t get important things done, or that you procrastinate too often? Netania Walker has the answer!  In her Keynote presentation titled, “Who, Not How!”, Netania explains that procrastination may be your wakeup call to shift your thinking from Who to How.

Keynote Speaker Netania Walker

Netania is a professional coach and trainer who helps leaders enhance their skills. She designed a series of interactive leadership workshops. These help leaders to move up to their next level of leadership. She will partner with you to learn new concepts, discuss and address your dreams, help you confront challenges and deliver results.

Netania knows that speaking in front of a crowd can be scary. In addition to her leadership workshops, she hosts interactive master classes that help speakers to overcome their anxiety and improve  their presentation skills. She also provides private coaching for leaders who want to expand their perspectives and sharpen their mental agility.

Coaching and Training Skills

To do this, Netania focuses her attention on helping leaders cultivate mindfulness, focus on effective communication and collaboration, and sharpen their mental agility in every phase of work and life.

Netania Walker is a proud member of Toastmasters. In 2017-2018 she served as the District 44 District Director, and in 2021-2022 she was appointed Region Advisor for Region 8, which includes the states of of Georgia, Florida, Alabama, The Caribbean, and Brazil.

Netania is the head of The WOR Group, a Professional Training and Coaching company in Decatur, Georgia.

Sign up to hear and meet Netania Walker on April 5 at 7:30 PM! 

Awesome April: Who, not how!


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