Areas 2, 9, and 17 Virtual Speech Contests

Saturday February 26, 2022 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

SAVE THE DATE for Areas 2, 9, and 17 Virtual International and Evaluation Speech Contests.  The number of contestants will determine the end time.

Contestants: Please send the following information to the Contest Chair by February 19, 2022: Contest Chair:  Lock Lyon

  • For each contestant (International and/or Evaluation) a “Speaker’s Certification of Eligibility and Originality”, TMI form #1183
  • The contestant will need their Club Number, Member Number, and District Number (62), date of Area Contest (02-26-2022), and, for the International Contest, the Speech Title
  • A single “Speech Contestant Profile”, TMI form #1189

Toastmasters International forms are available on the website by searching for the form number (e.g., 1183).  Download the appropriate form, save it on your device. It is now an editable PDF that can be submitted to the Contest Chair.

Workshop Replay: Create a More Powerful Club Website

Sign up at to try the WordPress-powered club website service demoed in our workshop (replay below).

Building on the foundation of WordPress, which is used by major publications like The New Yorker and marketing organizations like Disney, Toastmost provides clubs and districts with rich multimedia publishing tools — more ways of dramatizing the value of the Toastmasters experience. The Toastmasters-specific extensions demonstrated in our workshop allow your club to manage its agenda and take advantage of digital methods of doing business, such as a web-based membership application that offers new members the option of paying online.

“This allows us to step our game to the next level of professionalism”

Carol Prahinski, Past International Director, on the value of the WordPress-powered Toastmost club website hosting service.

In this excerpt, Carol Prahinski addresses the issue of why you should consider Toastmost over free options like Free Toast Host.

The new is hosted on Toastmost, and adding the videos shown above was as easy as pasting a link from YouTube into the WordPress editor.

Additional documentation is at, including a complete course with short video clips on each phase of the website setup process.

If you have questions that were not addressed in the workshop, you can write to and include “District 62 workshop” in the subject line.