Join Us Saturday for COT!

Many of you have already signed up for the Club Officer Training event on November 11. Thank you!

If you haven’t signed up yet, consider helping your club by getting credit for joining us either in person or online. Click Here to Register

Even though this event is designed to teach Club Officers about their responsibilities, all Toastmasters are invited to attend to learn leadership skills. You will enjoy networking and getting to know your Toastmaster friends.

Special guest speaker Wendy Williamson, Region 6 Advisor, will be at the event in person. The title of her session is Working in a Team Environment. Here’s what to expect: 

Four Key Elements a Team Must Have to be Successful
  • Commitment: Empower with ownership of roles, Execute responsibilities successfully, Energize with respect and humor 
  • Communication: Share freely, provide feedback, encourage participation
  • Collaboration: Establish common objectives, share planning and work, rely on each other for advice
  • Conflict Resolution: Solutions and techniques

How to “Talk Up” Toastmasters: Using Corporate Speak

From the Desk of Laura St. Louis 

On October 18 and 19, Club Growth Director Kim Lynn and I had the opportunity to engage with many different companies, agencies, and schools at the Michigan Society of Human Resource Managers. Kim and I embraced the chance to shift our terminology while hosting the Toastmasters booth.

During our District Council Meeting in September we had the pleasure of hearing Pat Johnson discuss the transition of our vocabulary from “Club Speak” to “Corporate Speak.” This is more than a linguistic change. It is a cultural shift within the District to emphasize professionalism, relevance, and adaptability.

Examples include:

  • Instead of Club, say Meeting
  • Instead of Club Officers, say Executive Board
  • Instead of Pathways, say Educational Program

Use the following as an example of how to approach your company about opening a program where you work: 

“Is your company looking for a way to develop their employees? The Toastmasters Corporate Program is an effective, affordable, self-paced, educational program. The curriculum offers frequent opportunities to learn and practice a wide range of leadership and communication skills, with ongoing feedback. The educational environment also offers space to learn the development of effective succinct answers to questions. Does this sound like something you would be interested in learning more about?”

The transition to corporate speak presents a unique opportunity for companies to invest in individual memberships for their employees.

It takes practice, but after two days, Kim and I were pretty good at it. Are you willing to take the plunge and switch to Corporate Speak? I think you’ll be surprised at the benefits.

WordPress for Toastmasters Clubs

Additional resources mentioned during the program include:

More technical webmasters can also install the free plugins on an independent website. However, even techies may prefer the simplicity of starting from a Toastmost template.

In addition to my resources, club webmasters may want to explore the learning materials available through

Public Speaking – It’s Good for the Community and the Soul!

Did you know that the Toastmasters’ learning experience was developed around five core competencies?

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Interpersonal Communication
  3. Strategic Leadership
  4. Management
  5. Confidence

Each core competency refers to the capabilities, knowledge, skills, and resources that constitute defining strengths of a person or organization.  Public speaking is important for many reasons.  Speakers can motivate others to respond favorably in unfavorable conditions or to affect change.  Speaking with clarity and confidence isn’t just for large audiences either. Public speaking occurs in meeting rooms, interactions with a spouse or standing at the cash register. Yes, public speaking is one of the most important skills to have.  Did you know that public speaking can even have positive health benefits? Public speaking is a major contributor to establishing healthy relationships.  Healthy relationships reduce blood pressure and decrease anxiety!  The next time someone asks you why you practice public speaking, try saying because its good for the community and good for the soul! Don’t forget to add the invitation to join you at your next Toastmasters meeting!

Where’s Toastmasters Club Officer Training?

Finding a location to host Club Officer Training and our annual Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) can be a little like reading a Where’s Waldo book.  There are a lot of buildings but finding the right one can be tricky.   We are actively searching for a suitable venue to accommodate Toastmasters Events.  Here is what we are looking for: 

  • Main conference room for 60-100 people
  • 4 to 7 small classroom or meeting rooms for 10-15 people
  • Centralized location
  • Technology to accommodate presence over video (Zoom for remote participants)
  • A built in or removable stage is ideal
  • Sound system

Please provide qualified leads only. This means, the facility must be available on November 11, 2023, and/or April 25th thru April 27th, 2024. 

Contact if you have any suggestions.

Have you heard? It’s Time for Toastmasters Winter Club Officer Training!

Professionals working together for training and education.

Toastmasters Winter Club Officer Training (COT) is the program that helps your club leaders be successful.  Attending COT is an integral part of the club leadership experience. By attending training, you will have the opportunity to develop real-world leadership skills, form support networks with your peers, and take away knowledge and ideas which can help you succeed in your club role.  

Members may also attend these sessions to learn more about leadership, as well as any future club roles that you are considering.

Club Officer Training is required for your club to become Distinguished.  Be sure to attend the next Winter Club Officer Training event scheduled for November 11th, 2023. Hear from special guest, Region Advisor Wendy Willamson.  Save the date! Registration details are coming soon.

Unleashing the Winning Spirit: District 62 Toastmasters Takes Charge!

We all know the jokes and memes about the Detroit Lions or should we say Li-Downs? But did you know they are currently number one in the league? That’s right! They are working together, throwing the ball with excellence, and preventing the opposing team from scoring. They are now a well-oiled machine.

This is exactly what we see in District 62. Our club growth team, led by the amazing Kim Lynn, is actively following up on new leads and members are starting clubs in their workplaces. We are turning the corner from some tough years and guests are attending our meetings regularly.

Do you feel the energy and excitement in the air? It’s all because of you, the members, and your can-do spirits. We are making things happen and the benefits of Toastmasters are becoming more apparent to our community members.

Let’s keep up the momentum and continue to thrive. We have a winning team here in District 62 and together we can achieve greatness. Thank you for all that you do!

Together, We Succeed!

Promoting Toastmasters at The BluesFest

by Aaron Sun

Led by Eloquents Toastmasters, Lansing area clubs got a booth at the BluesFest on September 15 and 16. Members from Eloquents Toastmasters, Capital City Toastmasters and Lansing Lucidas got together to promote their clubs.

Members talked to visitors, handed out flyers and business cards, collected contact information and

volunteered as MC and Bucket Brigade during the festival. Members collaborated with BluesFest organizer MICA (Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art) to raise awareness of Toastmasters clubs and enjoy the music.

Eloquents Toastmasters President Kimberly Allen organized the event and Area 5 Director Andy McCullough and Area 7 Director Aaron Sun reached out to Lansing Area clubs to facilitate the event .


United We Succeed!

  • Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Achievements
  • New clubs Chartered
  • New Club Holding Launch Meetings
  • Pathways Awards

Milestones achieved since the new Toastmaster year prove that “United We Succeed” when heading toward our primary District 62 mission: We build new clubs and we support all clubs in achieving excellence. 


  • Vicki Harwood 9/12/2023
  • Owen Monday Jr. s9/15/2023
  • Margaret Sieh 9/29/2023


The introduction of new clubs injects fresh vitality into a District as enthusiastic new members eagerly engage in various activities.  These new clubs cater to a diverse demographic by offering educations programs on different days and times and adding variety to existing clubs.   Moreover, the establishment of new clubs attracts additional volunteers, alleviating the district workload. 

The presence of multiple clubs in a specific area enhances annual events, and the increased membership base ensures effective dissemination of information beyond mere word-of-mouth.  With a greater number of clubs, we secure more financial resources to develop and enhance our programs, ultimately benefiting a broader audience that can avail themselves of the valuable offerings provided by Toastmasters.


1. Remarkable Results Toastmasters Club was chartered on 7/1/2023

  • SPONSORS: Craig O’Neill and 00480290*
  • MENTORS: Craig O’Neill and 00665768*

2. Fresenius Kabi Toastmasters Club is submitting paperwork

* recognizing members request for anonymity


Cleary University



CU* Answers


If your club is currently lacking energy or engagement, it is essential that the initiative to improve comes from you as members. However, the district leadership is committed to providing you valuable assistance. Contact your Area Director or your Division Director for helpful assistance.

We offer training twice a year, with multiple opportunities available in the Summer and Fall/Winter. Additionally, upon request, we can assign coaches to assist your club.  The highly recommend club-to-club mentoring and coaching is a valuable approach.  Furthermore, organizing open houses or area meet and greets can be effective in reaching out to those nearby. 

Another suggestion is for your club to consider joining meetups or local chambers of commerce to increase exposure. Everyone takes great joy in celebrating the individual achievements of members and clubs.  If you have any questions, the district is here to support you with an Area Director and Division Director. 

  • John Cameron
  • 67496372*

Top 10 clubs with highest education awards per 7/1 base membership

ClubNameEduc awardsJuly 1 baseRatio
6186Lakeshore Club18131.385
3009Community Toastmasters Club11130.846
1572737Rising Stars Toastmasters Club14210.667
3599862Grandville-Jenison Chamber Toastmasters4130.308
1080Power Toastmasters Club4140.286
9117Four Flags Club280.250
811867Talk of the Town Club2120.167
3475612Galesburg Toastmasters3190.158

Congratulations on Great Accomplishments!  

We are so proud of what all of you have accomplished in just three months! Way to go everyone!

United We Succeed!

The Journey to Health: Choices, Perseverance, and Sacrifice

Embarking on a health program is a commitment that requires dedication, determination, and a clear vision of one’s goals. This year, in January I began my own health journey with a comprehensive plan which includes six meals a day, consuming 64 plus ounces of water daily, and the support of a coach. With a specific goal in mind and a well-structured plan in place, I set out to achieve my objective before the end of September. While the road has not been easy, the lessons learned include the importance of making certain choices, developing perseverance, and making sacrifices to reach the finish line.

Undoubtedly, the path to achieving our goals is often accompanied by challenges and setbacks. There were times when I felt tempted to give up, especially when progress seemed slower than anticipated. However, learning to appreciate that progress is progress, regardless of its speed. Each step forward was a testament to my determination and commitment, even when faced with obstacles. By embracing a mindset of perseverance, I was able to bounce back from setbacks and stay focused on the end goal.

Are you on a path towards achieving your goals? Do you ever feel discouraged because progress seems slow? By consciously choosing to prioritize our goals and making decisions that align with them, we set ourselves on the path to success. One tool taught by this health program is the idea of “STOP. CHALLENGE. CHOOSE.” (

When facing setbacks, before you give up, STOP. This is a time to pause and reflect. Evaluate your reasons for wanting to quit. Then CHALLENGE: Challenge your negative thoughts and seek alternative perspectives. Achieving our goals often requires sacrifice-a willingness to let go of certain comforts, habits, or distractions that hinder our progress. Sacrifice is not a punishment but a steppingstone towards a brighter future. Evaluate what you can give up or adjust to make room for your goals. Then CHOOSE: It is easy to let setbacks derail us, but it is in these moments our choices matter most.

For example, I want a piece of chocolate cake. For those of you that know me, you know I have a weakness for anything chocolate, but especially chocolate baked goods. They are extremely hard to resist. What I want to grab a piece, I STOP, I CHALLENGE myself with the thought that it will set my goal back another four days and then I CHOOSE to not have the cake.

What are you working on now that this process will work for you? Do you have a big project at work? Is your child graduating in the spring and you have certain goals around that? Do you want to grow as a leader in Toastmasters? Whatever your goal is, this process could work for you. I encourage you to use this when you have a goal you want to achieve.