d62 conference 2022
You can VOTE! REGISTER TODAY for the District Council Meeting on Thursday, April 28.
REGISTER once for each day of the District Conference on Friday & Saturday, April 29-30.

Dear District Council members!

The Annual Council Business Meeting is this week on April 28! This email explains information you will need for the meeting. If you are a Club President, Club VP Education or a DEC member, and you and your club are in good standing (8 paid members), you are eligible to VOTE at the meeting. The meeting will immediately follow the Candidate Showcase which begins at 6:00 PM. The Annual Business Meeting starts at 6:45 PM.


Any non District Council member can watch the Candidate Showcase and Annual Business Meeting via the District's Facebook page

In order to respect everyone's time, please adhere to the following: 1) Review the following documents on 62toast.com, 2) Email Avar at DD@62Toast.com with any questions or concerns about the documents. She will try to field questions before the meeting. 3)

The agenda, Candidates Corner, and Business documents will be available on the District 62 Website. Please review before the Council Meeting. https://62toast.com/district-council/

In order to conduct the District's business, we must have a quorum. Quorum will be determined by the number of registrants as of 11:59 PM on 4/25/2022, So you MUST register by that day and time to be able to vote.

Proxies are not permitted when the voting process is conducted virtually. Each District Council member must cast their own vote.

Your Best Email
When you register please fill out the entire form and list the email address where you would like the ballot emailed during the Annual Business Meeting.

There are 11 candidates up for election and 2 hours and 15 minutes for District Business to be completed, so time will be of the essence. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email them to dd@62toast.com BEFORE the meeting so that we can better manage time.

April 29-30 Conference
The District 62 Conference on April 29-30 has separate registrations. The conference includes the district-level Evaluation and International Speech Contests, two famous Keynote speakers, six educational breakout sessions, distinguished club recognition, professional entertainment and more.
Visit the Conference Google Site and register for Friday and Saturday: bit.ly/D62ConferenceLeapingForward