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April 12, 2022

Leaping Forward to Conference 2022
Verity Price, World Champion
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By Lock Lyon
As the Toastmasters 2021 World Champion of Public Speaking, Verity captured the imagination of so many with her winning speech A Great Read, an inspiring invitation to improve our lives by “writing a different story." She is the sixth woman to be crowned the title.

Her talent for ‘acting out the box,’ rather than merely thinking out of it, has brought international success for Verity, speaking globally on innovation and thinking differently, including her two TEDx Talks.

Verity is also an accredited De Bono Six Thinking Hats facilitator and an advocate for Positive Psychology. Crafting speeches and workshops over the last decade, she passionately believes that change happens when teams have the confidence to create new ideas.

"I am passionate about effecting positive change and helping people change their thinking so that they can change their results,” said Verity at a recent event. "As World Champion of Public Speaking, I am also in a unique position to help people present with power and tell their story. I work with businesses globally to improve how staff present and help them stand out on conference stages.”

In her acceptance speech, Price said, “I’m blown away to be the first winner of this title in Africa. I hope that I’ve broken the proverbial four-minute mile for all speakers on this incredible continent because I believe that this title can come back to Africa many, many times.”
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Check out the candidates who are running for the Trio and Division Director positions for the 2022-23 Toastmasters year. These are the only elected District positions and you can share your opinion with your club President and VP Education. They have the privilege of voting for these candidates at the official Council Meeting on April 28.
A huge Toastmasters THANK YOU goes to the following companies who are sponsoring the DTM Ceremony and the International Contest at Conference 2022!
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