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March 29, 2022
International Speech Division Winners!
Leaping Forward to Conference 2022:
Featured Breakout Leaders
Comedy Showcase
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Congratulations, International Speech Winners!

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The District 62 all-Divisions International Speech Contest results are in! All Division Directors collaborated to hold their contests back-to-back on March 26th, 2022. One Speaker from each Division will move on to compete at the District Level for the top International Speaker in District 62.

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Congratulations Evaluation Speech winners! These contestants will compete one more time at the District Level for the top Evaluation Speaker in District 62.

C Division - Andrew McCullough

E Division - Harshal Bambhania

N Division - TraceyLynn Farber

S Division - Peter Ried

W Division - Amy Moored

The contests will be part of the program at the District 62 Conference 2022. Watch for new information about the upcoming conference scheduled for April 29-30.

    Featured Breakout Leaders

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    From Podcaster to Speaker to Published Author

    by Lock Lyon
    Joe Lalonde Headshot
    Joseph Lalonde joined Toastmasters almost three years ago. In the beginning, he described himself as an "um and ah" monster! Since then, he's significantly improved his ability to speak in front of crowds and give meaningful presentations.

    Joseph took nine months to write his first book, Reel Leadership, which was published in 2021 through New Degree Press. (All of his books are available on Amazon both as paperbacks and as Kindle e-books.)

    Do you have a book inside you, but don't know how to get it out there? In his breakout session titled, From Podcaster to Speaker to Published Author, Joseph will share his book-writing journey, which was over decade in the making. In addition, attendees will take away methods of reaching out to potential storytellers for your book, how to get over the fear of failure, and tips and tricks on whether to seek a publisher, a hybrid publisher or to self-publish.

    Debunking the Myths About Mentoring

    by Lock Lyon
    As a seven-year Toastmaster, Laura St. Louis has seen it all. She used her experiences in Toastmasters to grow her speaking and leadership skills by holding all club officer roles, serving as both Area Director and Division Director, as well as being part of the District Trio as Club Growth Director and Division Director. Along the way Laura chaired multiple Toastmasters Leadership Institute sessions and co-chaired a District Conference.

    Her breakout session is titled Debunking the Myths About Mentoring. This presentation emerged from a brainstorming session with her own mentor. "We discussed different ways to approach the topic of mentoring and realized there are a lot of myths or misunderstandings when it comes to mentoring," Laura said. "I will walk attendees through some of those myths and explain why they are, in fact, myths."

    Laura will also invite members that have completed the Pathways Mentorship Program to join her for a discussion about what they learned about the mentor/mentee relationship. This session will be interactive with plenty of attendee participation.


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    As part of Conference 2022 we are searching for Toastmasters to make us laugh!
    WE WANT YOU if you have a 4-6 minute Tall Tall or a Humorous Speech prepared. Win the prize for Audience Favorite! The Comedy Showcase will be Saturday evening, April 30.
    For more information, contact Sherry Campbell at
    Social Media Symposium Flyer 4.3.2022
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    Save the Date for Conference 2022 on April 29-30. The registration link will be posted soon.

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