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March 16, 2022
Local Clubs Make Front Page: Here's how they did it!
Leaping Forward to Conference 2022
Hybrid Meetings: A Way Forward
Comedy Showcase
Social Media Symposium

Local Clubs Make Front Page News With Creative Open House;

Here's how they did it!


As promised, the creators of the recent successful Open House in White Lake are sharing their secrets. A team effort involves planning, organizing and promoting with professional invitations to key stakeholders. Follow these suggestions to hold a successful Open House or Special Event to gain members.

Create a Theme and Name the Event
This event began by using Imagination as a starting point for promoting a Membership Drive. From there the idea became a leadership team project and grew into the event that became The Art of Speaking, Creating and Performing.

Invite Experienced Keynote Speakers
Participants were asked to enhance the theme of the meeting. Experienced public speakers were invited as Keynote speakers to expand on their Toastmasters experience.

Use Social Media
A Facebook event page was created and everyone started to pick up roles and the selection process of sponsors and venues took off. The team worked together to get social media postings online.

Get Listed on Local Calendars
A Toastmost website became the landing place for reservations and information. The event was promoted to the White Lake Area Chamber for guidance on Business After Hours and the Muskegon Chamber for a community event calendar listing.

Invite Other Clubs and District Leaders
White Lake Club officers started brain storming and bringing in other area leaders from the three Muskegon Area clubs. Forbes Gilchrist said, "We decided it had to be an Area event so that each club could benefit. It couldn't have been the success it was without everyone's involvement."

Invite Business Owners
Local contacts for the event were made with the Arts Council, the Chamber, the Book Nook and Java Shop. Posters were distributed and all stakeholders were integral to the success of the event.

Contact the Local News Media
Local news outlets on radio, newspapers, online blogs, and podcasts are all looking for news items to talk about. See for news release templates. The White Lake Beacon sent a reporter to the event and a detailed article appeared in the paper both online and in print.

Plan the Agenda and Hold a Demo Meeting
A committee handled the detailed planning for the event and a demo meeting was held to make sure everyone was prepared.

Get Amazing Results!
Over 40 people showed up for the The Art of Speaking, Creating and Performing both in person and online. Three communities were represented with two mayors and a Township Supervisor. The writeup in the local newspaper can be seen online:

    Copy of Invitation (A6) - Toastmasters D62



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    Hybrid Meetings: A Way Forward

    by Lock Lyon
    Lynette OTY
    Meet Lynette Theriault (pronounced Tario), DTM, who joined Toastmasters in 2014. Since then, she has served as both an Area and District Director and organized dozens of speech contests. When the pandemic hit in 2020, she worked with her team to develop an organized approach to hybrid meetings. The result was a three-hour workshop complete with a written manual to guide attendees on considerations and options for various types of meetings: in-person, on-line and hybrid.

    "My education session will be an abbreviated version of our workshop; explaining the basics of what a club needs to consider before opting for the hybrid meeting model (it's not going to be for everyone)", says Lynette. "At the conclusion of the session, each participant will be able to access and download a copy of our manual to take back to their club and use it to help them decide what will be best for them moving forward. "

    In 2021, Lynette gave a speech titled, "Are Hybrid Meetings Right for Your Club" as part of her Motivational Strategies Path. You can see it here:
    Lynette Theriault -- Are Hybrid Meetings Right for Your Club

    Please join Lynette Theriault at her Breakout Session titled, "Hybrid Meetings: A Way Forward" at the District 62 Conference 2022.


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    As part of Conference 2022 we are searching for Toastmasters to make us laugh!
    WE WANT YOU if you have a 4-6 minute Tall Tall or a Humorous Speech prepared. Win the prize for Audience Favorite! The Comedy Showcase will be Saturday evening, April 30.
    For more information, contact Sherry Campbell at
    Social Media Symposium Flyer 4.3.2022

    DIVISION CONTESTS are scheduled for March 19 and 26. See the calendar to RSVP. All participants, officials, speakers and attendees must register to attend.

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