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May 10, 2022


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May 15

How to Network Like a Pro

Use your Toastmasters training to create a connection.

by Victor David (click on link above to read entire article)

The first time I was invited to a high-level networking event, I handed out business cards like confetti. I was hoping to connect with the diplomats and CEOs, but I probably blew more opportunities than I made with that over-eager approach.

I feel networking is such an important skill that three years ago I founded a company to train individuals solely in the nuances of networking, so that they feel more comfortable, make more connections, and get more out of these newfound professional relationships.

Create Curiosity

People connect with people. Focus more on making a connection than making an impression. For example, the simpler you can answer the question, “What do you do?”, the easier it is to establish a connection. You’ve opened the door.
In the first few minutes of a conversation, you want to inspire and create curiosity.
Even if the conversation doesn’t lead to a business deal, at least you have shown interest in the other person, making you memorable. They may even refer you to someone they know.

The Golden Rule

I learned the hard way that the golden rule of networking is to avoid talking about what you have to offer, even if your product is relevant to the people you meet.
If you want to connect with someone, approach them with great ideas instead of cramming in the advantages you could bring to the table.

The Online Opportunity

Online meetings are often designed to get through the agenda without casual chit chat. I recommend creating the opportunity for informal conversations.
If you want to connect with someone from the meeting, ask if you can contact them through email or social media. Think of one or two interesting points you discussed in the meeting and refer to those when you reach out. Even if the other person forgot your name, they will remember topics you connected on.

Maximize the Toastmasters Mindset

Building a meaningful connection takes time. A quick chat before your meeting starts may not be enough time to determine if you’ll be relevant to one another in the future. Try to connect anyway, via colleagues, email, or social networks. It’s okay if the connection is passive for now. If it ended on a positive note, you could resume the conversation later.

Networking is like a mini-Toastmasters meeting. It begins with a few Table Topics, leading into deeper conversations. Usually, the person with the most compelling story, explained with relatable clarity, wins the audience’s favor.
The next time you attend an in-person or online networking event, go with the same mindset you take to a Toastmasters meeting. You’ll feel more comfortable, you’ll be more talkative, and you’ll connect well with the new people you meet.
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